APT Business Consultants Limited started its operations in 1st, January 2014 as a business name and has grown steadily over the months to become one of the most prolific, proficient, promising and dependable consulting firm in Nairobi, Kenya. Began with a major focus on the small scale business sector, the firm has gradually and steadfastly made inroads into the entire business sector in Kenya spanning all industries.

APT Business Consultants Limited has developed internal competencies and is equally endowed with skillful, energetic and professionally equipped staff that have discharged their consulting mandate with diligence and commitment with a profound professionalism. The professionalism with which the staffs undertake their assignments has been the force behind the success of APT Business Consultants Limited as a consulting Firm. It has also endeared the firm to its clients as their complex business challenges are addressed with timely and adequate financial tools.